Our plans for colleges

We provide consessional rates for college students so they can have good education at affordable rate.
Colleges to negotiate their percentage of the tuition depending on their expenses.
Refunds are decided by both the college and Online Developer Plus Inc.
An individual package to customize special Online courses for a special account or corporate account requires written agreement from both parties.
Online Developer Plus will bill the college monthly if they have student's signup in those months - with net 30 days for the payment due.
The college agrees to market our online Online courses on their website and in their college catalog every quarter.
The college partner agrees to issue college credits and certificates for same for each Online Developer Plus course.
College agrees to provide student name, email address, and course name to Online Developer Plus.
Online Developer Plus will provide online email support, Quora and an FAQ file.
We will provide a file of course descriptions that the college can use in their catalog.
We provide all our Online courses from our Learning Management System (LMS) to the College.