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The U.S. Bureau of Labor projects that up to one million jobs for programming will go unfilled by 2020.

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The above link is written for people wanting to get into the high-tech industry, colleges, technical recruiters and investors.

Listed inside is a special offer for updating your career to a Software Test Development Engineer.

About Us

Online Developer Plus, Inc., a company with two Microsoft alumni partners, offers online Online courses covering several areas of the software industry.
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    Self-paced online Online courses

    Our self-paced online Online courses are designed to provide the necessary information for students to obtain a position in the Hi-Tech industry.

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    Perfect for career changers

    Our Online courses are perfect for CAREER CHANGERS and people looking to get a better technical job position.

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    Software testing Online courses

    Software Testing is also the gateway to a technical job position that is higher paying.

Our Team

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Mark Kembel

Founder and CEO

Mark Kembel owned interTest.com (see article) for seven years, selling and marketing Web Development and Software Testing Online courses. He forsees a big demand for Artificial Intelligence, Python Programmers, Software Test.

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Randy Gerl

Executive Technical Assistant

Randy Gerl has done software test development, software testing, and other jobs for 14 years at Microsoft. He was in charge of the test teams for both Windows 3.x printing and the Windows 95 setup install program.

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Director of Business Strategies.

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